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Reasons for Not Being Attracted to My Husband

There are times when one feels like there is no longer attraction to the spouse as it used to be. However it’s good to not tell them since its best way that way. One should read this article as it offers complimentary advice on how to re-sparkle the attraction and love in ones relationship. Many marriage helpers are out there who focus on helping partners revive their relationship. Two worst things can be done here when there is no longer that feeling of traction. One is to tell them and the other one is not telling them. Thinking about how to tell the husband about this is highly advisable.

There tend to be four different ways that people are attracted to others. Intellectually, emotionally, physically and emotionally are those four ways and can also make one become un-attracted. How the husband looked initially attracted one to him. Having something you shared and connected you both is an intellectual way of such attraction. In emotional way, one loved the way the husband ,made you fell and spiritually because one believed he was good. One therefore become more attract ted to the husband through these different ways.

One therefore becomes un-attracted if someone’s look changed, disconnected from them, stopped sharing interest and hobbies or began growing their minds to feel like the husband doesn’t. Such same ways causes un-attraction. Spiritually could be because the beliefs as well as values began to change, emotionally since the things the husband used to do that made you feel loved cherished or he stopped doing and spiritually since he no longer makes you believe he is a good person. It’s good to note that physical attraction can change in our minds based on how such person makes you feel.

When it comes to feeling that you are no longer attracted to your spouse, it’s advisable to first ask yourself why. The fact that something like physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual could be driving such makes this necessary. However emotional attraction tend to be the most major cause . Marriage helpers advices people to first understand the core issue then look for the best way to talk to their partner.

Three steps need be followed here if at all one needs to have the best results in this case. The case can be solved in the best way by first processing all this information and using feeling statements. However one should realize that this is not going to be solved in one instance and ensure to focus on just one thing. Its advisable to build a relational trust in how to approach him and the way to move forward.

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